ELLE Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016 5ELLE Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016 5

Temporarily saying goodbye to the familiar space located in the square of the bustling Central World shopping center, ELLE Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion Week took place at the Central Embassy shopping center.

Criteria for selecting designers of the ELLE Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion event emphasize the youthful and joyful spirit of the new fashion season.

Encapsulated in the space of 3 days, domestic and international music lovers have the opportunity to enjoy the latest creations for Spring-Summer 2016. Harmonious moderation between unlimited creativity and applicability, the



The metallic flower motif attached to the shirt is a special highlight of the Nagara brand

Designer Nagara Sambandaraksa’s evening dress designs always emphasize soft silk material.


ELLE Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016

The men’s design is reminiscent of the samurai pants of the land of mourning

The main color covering the collection is pure white, gradually shifting to metallic color like the movement between times of day.



ELLE Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016

The designs in Asava’s new collection have minimalist colors such as white, black, gray…

The Asava brand is no longer unfamiliar to fashionistas as it continuously appears in many seasons of ELLE Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016. Coming to the Spring-Summer 2016 fashion season, the Asava brand brings a collection inspired by her.


ELLE Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016

Simple but elegant tailoring lines bring a lot of attention to the collection

Evening dress designs – the strength of designer Polpat Asavaprapha continue to be promoted and renewed with soft tailoring, applying draping and scarfing techniques and a color palette that exudes a contemporary spirit.


Known as one of the famous brands in Thailand, ISSUE’s collection always contains an interesting story.

ELLE Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016

Issue’s decorative motif is inspired by the patterns of ceramic tiles, tiles…

Designs for men are also no exception to the central core spirit of the collection.



ELLE Thailand Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016

Designer Anchavika built a simulation of the image of train tracks on stage, bringing the audience closer to Anchavika’s lively and creative fashion world.

The most interesting surprise at the show was the performance stage of designer Anchavika.


The fur hat with a variety of colors and patterns is the highlight of the Anchavika collection


The motifs on soldiers’ costumes are also created and applied to this season’s designs

The highlight of each design is the image of a fur hat used in the military designed in an exaggerated style.


Although not a rookie attending the ELLE Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion event, in the past few fashion seasons, the name La Boutique has become a key phrase chosen by many famous stars.


Contrary to the new and unique features in other collections, La Boutique’s design aims for a gentle, feminine style.

To match the general idea of the collection, a miniature airplane model is placed in the center of the stage.


As the closing show of this event, the Friday 27 November collection takes viewers to the land of Turkey, where the image of guys with muscular bodies wearing extremely short shorts and thin robes like


The collection is inspired by tile and marble motifs from Turkish culture

The brick and tile motif of Turkish culture and marble also inspire the designs throughout the Friday 27 November Spring-Summer 2016 collection. This mark is reflected in the decorative motifs on jackets and shirts.

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