Green your living space with 2017 color trends 1Green your living space with 2017 color trends 1

Green – the color trend of 2017 is the color of the living room, where they make a statement about the indoor garden, where the owner places a sofa to catch sunlight through a wide glass window and a lounge chair enough

Green your living space with 2017 color trends

The Dutch husband has lived for many years in New York studying plant research, and the Swedish wife now chooses to live and work as an interior decorator in Amsterdam.

Green your living space with 2017 color trends

Two different lifestyles have found a harmonious common ground in a house that aims for simple designs, but combines the strong colors of urban life and is filled with greenery.

Green your living space with 2017 color trends

Because this place is considered a corner full of vitality and energy for the whole family, in addition to the two green colors of the two large furniture items, the owner also sought to include many other green details.

Green your living space with 2017 color trends

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Green your living space with 2017 color trends

When seeing that the green corner is bustling enough, the owner creates a balance of brown patches on the cabinet door or flower pot.

Next to the green corner of the living room is a corner of the stairs filled with red and orange colors.

Blue and navy blue are the 2017 color trends of the interior decor world and have also found their space in apartments this year.

The small, simple kitchen, providing just enough amenities for a family of four, clearly shows the personality of the wife from the Nordic country, leaving room for natural light and a few small green pots.

The space thus becomes light, romantic, and relaxing, completely different from what many people imagine about a family raising children.

The place with the least light in the house is also the place with the strongest color.

Limiting himself to simple picture frames and monochromatic block-designed items, this is how the owner’s relatively rebellious color statement resonates with guests.

The harmony and harmony with other rooms lies in the natural brown wooden filing cabinet and a minimalist kitchen in black and white.

Lounge chairs are made from many cushions placed next to the window so the children have a place to lie down and read books or play with stuffed animals that are also filled with yellow, helping the children always feel happy when returning to their own room.

A red cabinet placed in the corner creates a strong focal point but does not overwhelm the shelves with lots of storage, allowing children to store their things neatly.

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