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Lady Mary Charteris

Responding to designer Nicole Fahri’s criticism that celebrities receive money for appearing in fashion shows, Lady Mary Charteris said: “Simply because they (fashion designers) want the right people (i.e.

Lady Mary Charteris is the 24-year-old daughter of the Earl of Wemyss, a long-standing noble family of Scotland. Her niece calls Daphne Guinness her aunt.

In addition to modeling, DJing, and blogging about her daily outfits for British Vogue, the British aristocrat also has a lover who is a rock musician.

After the look book promoting Louis Vuitton’s jewelry collection last year, Mary Charteris and the IT Girls group of fashion continue to appear behind the latest sunglasses models of the French brand.

Alice Dellal

3 Muse of London

In addition to `blue blood` (aristocracy), a connection to rock music can also make girls famous in London (Kate Moss also once loved the lead singer of a famous rock band).

“No party is worth going to without Alice Dellal appearing” – the Telegraph wrote in 2008, when this 21-year-old girl became the advertising face for Mango and replaced Kate Moss as the brand’s representative.

However, you would be wrong if you thought Alice Dellal was simply a young girl with an unruly appearance.

The rebellious hot girl not only caught the attention of Karl Lagerfeld, who dressed her in tweed and lace outfits that expressed a stubborn understated beauty from Chanel, she was also the face of advertising for the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection of

Alexa Chung

3 Muse of London

Compared to the aristocratic Mary Charteris and the punk Alice Dellal, Alexa Chung looks more like a humble and friendly girl-next-door than a fashion star once described as “a Kate Moss for a new generation of teenagers.”

People know her not only because of her slim figure and clear beauty, youthful but elegant dressing style (the `naturalness` that once brought Audrey Hepburn fame), but also thanks to her interviews.

In 2009, ELLE awarded her the ELLE Style Awards title for stylish TV MC of the year.

The Alexa Chung phenomenon is not associated with the `cool vintage` style like other fashion IT Girls.

So if anyone wants to see a contemporary British fashion style through the designs of J.W.

Story: Lukasz Castle – Photo: Corbis

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