5 inspirational beauty quotes from François Nars 25 inspirational beauty quotes from François Nars 2

The journey of a makeup artist from France

Graduating from the Carita makeup academy in Paris, in 1984, François Nars decided to move to New York to start a career and quickly established his own position.

Makeup artist, photographer, founder and creative direction François Nars

François Nars was the main makeup artist for the shows of Bill Blass, Alberta Ferretti Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino.

5 inspirational beauty quotes from François Nars

François Nars was behind the success of many famous shows in the 1990s and contributed to creating fashion icons (Photo from François Nars’ Autobiography)

After a decade in the profession, his creativity goes beyond what the current beauty market can accommodate.

With unique products that break all boundaries of color and texture, and impressive color gamuts to help women express their pure beauty, NARS inspires self-expression and creativity with

5 inspirational beauty quotes from François Nars

The classic Orgasm collection has entered the history of the NARS brand and many new products are added every year

François Nars – Beauty inspiration

In an exclusive interview with ELLE, François Nars shared many interesting opinions about profession and Beauty.

1. “Personality and character are the most important things in beauty”

Makeup and beautification are all intended to help women be more confident and happier.

2. “Beautiful skin is the first step to beautiful makeup”

Expressing yourself starts with your skin.

3. “Radiant skin is beautiful, modern skin, full of vitality and freshness”

According to François Nars, the base layer is painted chiffon, the second skin, honoring the natural beauty of people.

He believes that if the background is not perfect, people’s attention will be scattered.

5 inspirational beauty quotes from François Nars

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation represents a beauty philosophy that values the natural and pure identity of women.

5 inspirational beauty quotes from François Nars

Radiant Creamy Concealer with an easy-to-spread formula, especially with the fingers, an antioxidant formula that protects the skin, helping to blur imperfections.

4. “Makeup represents freedom.

François has no rules when it comes to makeup.

5. “Experiment and be a little bold – break the rules”

Makeup today has changed, there are so many options and methods for women.

This is also what makes NARS very different in its approach to beauty and makeup.

From now until May 6, 2018, ELLE Beauty Magazine in collaboration with NARS organizes the Makeup Your Mind Program – a makeup session with professional makeup artist NARS to follow your personal style and discover Natural Radiant foundation


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