9 life-changing beauty secrets 19 life-changing beauty secrets 1

Location of perfume use

“I learned how to stand out immediately and carry a unique scent among the crowd: apply the scents you like on different parts of your body.

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Keep your blow-dried hair styled

9 life-changing beauty secrets

“To keep your salon blow-dried hair longer, curl your hair in a spiral bun on top of your head, and as close to your forehead hairline as possible, before you go to bed.

Actively massage your face

9 life-changing beauty secrets

“I think one of the best things I’ve learned recently is the benefits of using a facial massage stick at home to increase the absorption of skin care products.

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Reduces tangled hair

9 life-changing beauty secrets

“To remove pieces of gum or unruly tangles, massage the area with peanut butter oil and slowly separate them” – Session hairstylist, James Pecis.

Use makeup remover when applying makeup

9 life-changing beauty secrets

“Using a cotton swab with makeup remover is an effective way to fix any makeup mistakes, and can add definition to eyeliner, curl eyelashes and is a great way to line lips, without

Clean for hair

9 life-changing beauty secrets

“One of the great tips I learned is to use shampoo when my hair is dry, wash it without water and then rinse.

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Simple with false eyelashes

9 life-changing beauty secrets

“For many years, using false eyelashes has become very natural – the second most important thing for makeup artists, but many girls have difficulty using them as if they require a secret!

Natural hair

9 life-changing beauty secrets

“What I’ve learned from working with different hair types is that there’s not much of a difference between curly hair and naturally straight hair – hair is just hair!

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Eyeliner tips

9 life-changing beauty secrets

“My go-to for eyeliner… is to use a slanted brush dipped in makeup remover, wipe with a tissue, then “draw” your outline the way you want.

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