Aiden – let's dance! 0Aiden – let's dance! 0

Aiden – leader of dance group ST.319

You know, K-Pop has been a controversial `current topic` in Vietnam.

If I say, the current successes are the value of loneliness.

It’s true, currently I don’t have a lover while all my friends have them.

Do your parents support you on this path?

When I started, my parents didn’t support me, and everything was difficult.

Is money important to you?

Why not?

Are there emotional problems arising between members or conflicts about money issues in the group?

There were many conflicts, but fortunately, we did not conflict over sensitive money issues.

A group of young people, practicing together for three years, the emergence of love is even more inevitable.

How is your studies in the UK currently?

I came here to continue studying and develop my future work.

You are the leader of group ST.319, does this absence have much impact on the group?

Previously, I was the one who did most of the group’s common work, so at first, the group’s activities were somewhat difficult.

I am the `leader` of ST.319 so I always try to encourage everyone to keep their faith in art. I may not be the greatest source of strength but I can become the most important source of encouragement.

Voltaire said: “Let us read and let us dance — two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.”

(Laughs) That’s right.

Thank you Aiden for your sharing.

“Brief history” of the ST.319 group:

Aiden – let's dance!

The ST.319 group performed in the launch program of Piaggio’s new Liberty car, ST.319 used to represent this car model (2013).

Aiden – let's dance!

The group after filming a commercial for Yantv (2012)

Aiden – let's dance!

DANCE YOUR PERFECT STYLE show, ST.319 as image representative for Kakaotalk (June 2013).

Aiden – let's dance!

ST.319 performed with singer MIN in the program Favorite Songs (February 2014)

Aiden – let's dance!

ST.319 is full with staff team after a group filming session (August 2013)

Aiden – let's dance!

The first fan meeting of the group WE WON’T STOP with # 1,000 fans came and participated (January 2014) 1 2 3 4 5 6

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