Beauty secrets help single mother Adele achieve peak beauty 7Beauty secrets help single mother Adele achieve peak beauty 7

Looking back more than 10 years ago, Adele often appeared with a less beautiful, not well-groomed appearance.

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happy birthday to the queen @adele 😍 i love u so much!!

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Sharp, attractive eyes

Although she does not have a slim V-line face, her bright eyes are the highlight of Adele’s face.

Eyebrows are an important part of the face.

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Create a slimmer face shape

Although she has a round face and shows excess fat, Adele has the secret to `tightening her face` neatly when appearing in public.

Normally, contouring can use both cream powder and powder powder.

Beauty secrets help single mother Adele achieve peak beauty

Image of Adele in MV When We Were Young.

Adele’s unforgettable sexy lips

Thick lips are a special highlight on Adele’s face.

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Seeing as the cats out the bag.

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Noble puffy hairstyle

British women always know how to make themselves elegant and luxurious, Adele is no exception.

Secure hair with elastic or ribbon.

The secret to effective weight loss

When Adele first became famous, we were no longer strangers to her chubby body.

Focus on eating foods such as kale, strawberries, dates, olive oil, dark chocolate, green tea, coffee, and wine.

Still supplement meat, because meat contains sirtuin, a protein that boosts metabolism.

During the first 3 days, do not eat more than 1,000 calories for the whole day and use 3 cups of kale juice mixed with green tea powder.

4 days later, calorie intake was increased to 1,500 including 2 meals and 2 cups of juice.

After 7 days, you can eat as many meals as you like.

Regularly go to the gym, jog and aim for high-intensity cardiovascular exercise.

Beauty secrets help single mother Adele achieve peak beauty

Regularly following these rules helps Adele not `grow out of shape` even though she has given birth once.

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