New advancement in Korean skin care 5New advancement in Korean skin care 5

You may have memorized these skin care steps, but recently, the Korean beauty industry has invented a new care step that helps significantly improve skin care effectiveness.


Double-cleansing (washing your face twice) is an indispensable cleansing step for Korean girls.

Activation – Completely new treatment step


The new activation step in the skin care routine helps the skin to be better moisturized and nourished

After washing your face, your skin is in its most vulnerable state because the natural oils on the skin are removed, causing the skin to lose moisture and pH.

This is the reason why ACTIVATION STEP (BOOSTER) was born with the first product being O HUI Cell Power No1 Essence biological water.

In particular, this skin activating product can be used at any time of the day without limiting the number of uses.

New advancement in Korean skin care

OHUI Cell Power No.1 Essence


Gentle alcohol-free rose water will help balance the skin and is the foundation step to help subsequent skin care products penetrate better.


You can use many essences to serve different skin care needs: moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, lifting, nourishing.

New advancement in Korean skin care


Moisturize with cream to form a moisture-locking layer, protecting all previous steps from `evaporating` from the skin.


During the day, apply sunscreen as a `shield` to protect your skin from the attack of harmful UV rays.


This June, ELLE Magazine and luxury cosmetics brand OHUI combined to organize a session to share and experience the secrets for skin care in 3 seconds and makeup in just 3 minutes called “SECRETS TO SHINE YOUR DAY

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