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Online dating is an irresistible trend

To talk about the influence of the Internet and technology on today’s life, especially our love life, perhaps just bringing up Ajit Johnson’s #This_generation cartoon is enough.

I believe you will laugh and see a part of yourself in it.

Love is like that, courtship and dating are not outside the circle of the Internet and technology.

When I receive the question of how the Internet affects the love life of women in Vietnam, I do not want to give an ambivalent view that every service on the Internet has its pros and cons.

Apart from

It is impossible to deny the negative psychological effects of social networks on women, those who follow their husbands every day on Facebook, those who cry – laugh – happy – sad following actions on social networks.

Seven years ago, I joined the team that built, a dating social network for Vietnamese youth. Through many stages of development, was at its peak, connecting hundreds of couples.

We have not recorded any serious cases of fraud from Noi, but there are quite a lot of online illusions that are easy to love and easy to abandon.

Online Dating – Plus or Minus?

Opportunities still exist – that’s a good thing.


The positive side of the Internet and social networks is that it helps `flatten` the earth, making all opportunities wider, and long-distance love relationships have more ways to maintain.

A few years ago Elle Vietnam had an article about female screenwriter Nhu Quynh, who accidentally met a guy from Belgium and then got married. Now her happy little family has 2 kids.

Nhu Quynh’s story is accidental.

I asked my friend the secret to not choosing the wrong person online, when you have nothing but a photo (not sure if it’s real or fake) and some limited information.

Plus or Minus?

No matter how I analyze it, in fact the world out there is still flattening out, there are still many couples who love each other and then break up because of the internet, many people find their true half and there will still be children.

But in the end I chose Cong, because I wanted to support new opportunities.

Online Dating – Plus or Minus?

Article author: Digital Marketer Tran Thu Trang

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