Personality test through handbag 2Personality test through handbag 2

1. `Mixed` handbags

Inside this type of bag, even the most commonly used items will be placed at the bottom.

What can this situation mean?

2. `Dignified` handbags

This type of handbag is completely different from the handbag style above.


Personality test through handbag

The colors tend to be warm and elegant, not too bright and dazzling.

Through a personality test, it has been shown that the female owner of this type of handbag is very progressive and works reliably.

3. `Collectible` handbags

In this type of handbag, there are miscellaneous things such as crumpled used movie tickets, product instructions, pieces of paper cut out from magazines, letters, photos… people have this habit of `collecting`.

Personality tests show that the female owner of this type of handbag is rich in illusion and lacks practical reason.


Personality test through handbag

People with this habit of `collecting` always like to buy bags with large capacity.

4. `Comprehensive` handbags

What should be in the bag will be used: multi-purpose glasses, supplements, phone books, key chains, nail clippers, sewing needles, plastic bags for food…


Personality test through handbag

What should be in the bag will be used to get in

If you discover these things in the owner’s bag, this shows that they are serious and meticulous in everything they do, good at handling practical problems and capable of managing the house.

5. `Fortification` style handbags

In bags, books are often kept, in addition to stamps, envelopes, specialized magazines, daily newspapers, computers and certainly pens, maybe even more than one.

Personality tests show that although the owners of this type of `fortification` handbag may have different personalities, they all have one thing in common: they are very confident, but lack a sense of humor.

Personality test through handbag


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