Premiering of the movie Gunner 0Premiering of the movie Gunner 0

Opening of the movie Gunman (Gunner)

Summary of the movie Gunner:

Jim Terrier rides the waves at a beach in a village in Africa.

Terrier convinced him that his attack was related to his old company.

With evidence in hand, Terrier goes to Barcelona to confront someone connected to his old company, Felix.

As Terrier begins to piece together information leading to the person behind it, he discovers that his boss and former partner, Cox, is working for the company that contracted them to carry out the assassination of 8 people.

Cox discovered the safe house where Annie was hiding and kidnapped her to exchange evidence from the Congo incident with Terrier.

The movie Gunner is expected to premiere on May 8, 2015 at Platinum theaters nationwide.

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