[Quiz] Which type of man suits you best? 1[Quiz] Which type of man suits you best? 1

Now, look closely at the four men in the photo below and choose the one you like the most, then join ELLE to discover what your ideal lover would look like.

Man number 1

With a slightly childish personality, needing care and attention, the mature, dignified type of man suits you best.

Feeling a lack of attention from your partner, you become moody and anxious, which leads to a gradual coldness in the relationship.

Being next to a strong, mature man will make you feel like you are standing behind a solid stone wall.

Man number 2

A slightly childish type of man is best suited to you.

You try to spend all your free time with your loved ones, simply because you think they cannot live well without your guardianship, care and protection.

Therefore, only the type of man who happily accepts a woman’s dominant position in the family and is ready to obey her even in small things can become your ideal life partner.

Man number 3

You are a free woman and have your own opinion in every situation of life, so you are most suitable for the independent type.

Most men can’t be right for you because they’re not used to giving away too much of their freedom.

To have a happy life, you and your partner need to respect each other in terms of personal space and time.

Man number 4

Since you are a strong type of woman, the best way is to date a man with a rather childish personality, who will be willing to share everything in life.

Subconsciously, you try to become indispensable to him by presenting yourself as both a lover and a close friend, always ready to help and give the best advice.

It is much more difficult when you build a relationship with an independent person who has his own opinions on everything.

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