The art of seduction: 9 ways to become more attractive 2The art of seduction: 9 ways to become more attractive 2

Eating a nutritious diet and following an effective exercise routine are two familiar methods for those who want a beautiful body.

Laugh more

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In the journal Cognition and Emotion published in 2014, two studies conducted surveys in Switzerland on the correlation between smiles and attractiveness.

Helen Fisher, American anthropologist and author of The Anatomy of Love once shared: “When you smile, anyone who sees it will smile back even if it is only fleeting.

Wear red tones

The art of seduction: 9 ways to become more attractive

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A 2010 cross-cultural study between China, England, Germany and the United States published in the journal Experimental Psychology: General found that women will become more attractive to men when they wear clothes.

In another experiment, 55 female students were shown a photo of a man in a red or green shirt and commented on his attractiveness.

Create smiles for others

The art of seduction: 9 ways to become more attractive

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Many studies show that women are attracted to men who can make them laugh.

After the man left, the tester approached and asked her to rate the man’s attractiveness and intelligence and to indicate her desire for a long-term relationship with him.

The results showed that making jokes helped him triple his chances of receiving a phone number from a strange girl, not to mention being highly rated for his attractiveness and sophistication index.

High ability to concentrate

The art of seduction: 9 ways to become more attractive

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According to an Australian study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences in 2015, researchers recruited 90 students to engage in speed dating and found that the men scored high on attention span tests.

The researchers are not sure why this pattern forms, but one possibility is that the more concentrated a man is, the easier it is to attract the other person’s attention and at the same time be able to


The art of seduction: 9 ways to become more attractive

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The journal Experimental Psychology published research through the perceptions of 100 Israeli women about portraits of men.

Just by adding a dog next to a `bad guy`, women will see them as the image of a long-term lover more than `bad guys` who don’t own dogs.

Researchers believe that owning a pet sends a signal that you are capable of maintaining and committing to a long-term relationship.

Another study in the journal Anthrozoos in 2008 gave the example of a 20-year-old man who approached hundreds of women and asked for their phone numbers simply by showing up with his dog.

Play with children

The art of seduction: 9 ways to become more attractive

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A survey shows that men who like to play with children will become more attractive in the eyes of women.

After the `sister` left, the man complimented the girl sitting nearby and asked for her phone number.

Wear high heels

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Archives of Sexual Behavior has published a discovery that wearing high heels is considered a seductive art that helps women become more attractive in the eyes of people.

In a test conducted at a bar, women wearing high heels received more approaches from men than girls wearing low heels.

Contrast and assimilation effects

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Professor of Social Psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University – Madeleine A. Fugère – once wrote an article on Psychology Today about psychological tips to help you become more attractive: `Start the evening with a contrast effect and

The contrast effect is understood as what happens when you appear more sparkling than the less beautiful people next to you.

Fugère explains how to benefit from both effects: “At a party, follow the less prominent individual at the door to make yourself appear attractive the moment you enter.

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