The `strange` change in Lee Hyori's music 1The `strange` change in Lee Hyori's music 1

Recently, the most “sexy queen”  of the Korean entertainment industry – Lee Hyori – returned after four years of absence.

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It will be a new Lee Hyori after 4 years away from the K-Pop glory

A Lee Hyori always transforms and challenges her own limits

Back to the time six to four years ago – the period when hits like Ten minutes, U go girl, or Bad girl stormed the K-pop charts – Lee Hyori soon determined

The song Ten Minutes was once famous and made Lee Hyori famous.

The dance-pop music genre that she pursues helps her show off all her talents, both in terms of her strong voice and beautiful choreography.

Miss Korea with a classic black and white style with a hint of jazz from the past decades.

Playing the role of a `cheeky` girl with mainly pastel-colored outfits, Lee Hyori brought her own cute and somewhat playful personality in real life into the vintage-style U go girl MV.

The `cool` Bad Girl MV is staged in a comic book format but is very `high-end` with contrasting colors.

The grand return with the sixth album Black after four years of absence

Once again, she proved herself worthy of the title `chameleon` of K-pop when she transformed in two new MVs, Seoul and Black.

The `strange` change in Lee Hyori's music

Lee Hyori’s 6th album cover –  titled Black.

With the song Seoul written in the genre of R&B/Soul mixed with Electronica (a music genre that combines techno, electronic instruments, drums, and bass), the depth of her mezzo-soprano voice has the opportunity to be expressed more than before.

Besides, Lee Hyori also showed off her `breathtakingly beautiful` choreography in scenes filmed in large spaces such as in fields or on rooftops.

The `strange` change in Lee Hyori's music

Lee Hyori is loving and gentle in MV Seoul.

The MV with the same name as the new album – Black – is a completely different color.

The `strange` change in Lee Hyori's music

New image of the `owner of the hit U go girl` in the MV of the same album name – Black.

The song’s content is about her changes after her time of `hiding`.

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