The truth about safe skin whitening 0The truth about safe skin whitening 0

After a period of use, the skin will get worse and worse and become sore because this is an extremely dangerous side effect of using corticosteroids on the skin.

Since ancient times, the phrase “white skin and long hair” has probably become a classic beauty standard for Vietnamese women.

The skin is the organ with the largest area of the human body.

The truth about safe skin whitening

Mixed cream

Mixing creams appeared on the beauty market in the late 1980s with the effect of treating acne.

Cream, ginseng cream, colostrum, young mud

These are new skin whitening products that have appeared on the market in recent years.

The truth about safe skin whitening

Popular mixed creams often contain skin-abrasive substances such as corticosteroids, hydroquinone, mercury or ammonia.

Skin peeling cream, whitening shower cream

In addition to corticosteroids and hydroquinone, these creams also contain ammonium hydroxide, commonly known as ammonia, which has a very characteristic foul smell.

After applying this cream to the skin and incubating it, each piece of dead skin cells will be peeled off.

When you remove this top layer of cells, the next layers of immature skin cells lose their protection above.

The truth about safe skin whitening

White Warbler

Whitening injections are probably the newest whitening method on the beauty market.

Although white sting may sound biochemically safe, medically it is not.

The truth is

The mainstream cosmetics market has no skin whitening products.


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