Vietnamese-American writer won the Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger Sofitel literary award 1Vietnamese-American writer won the Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger Sofitel literary award 1

With the sponsorship of the Literary Escapes by Sofitel fund, the noble prize was awarded to Vietnamese-American writer, Nguyen Thanh Viet, with the work Le sympathisant (roughly translated ‘Sympath’ by Belfond publishing house) in the Minor category.

From left to right: Writer Philippe Sands and author Nguyen Thanh Viet in the library of the hotel Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg

About the award for BEST FOREIGN AUTHORS’ BOOKS 2017 (Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger Sofitel)

Established in 1948 by a group of writers and publishers, the Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger is one of the first awards to honor literary works by foreign authors.

Every year, prizes are awarded to novels and essays published outside of France and translated into French.

In that spirit, this year’s jury includes 11 members, all famous figures in the literary world: Catherine Enjolet, Daniel Arsand, Gérard de Cortanze, Joël Schmidt, Christine Jordis, Jean-Claude Lebrun,

Sofitel and Literature

Sofitel is a brand with a connection to literature.

Literary Escapes by Sofitel

Literary Escapes by Sofitel was founded in 2008, with contributions from two novelists, Catherine Enjolet and Denis Labayle.

In a series of literary journeys, authors share their best experiences and memories, conveying to readers images of destinations, events, characters and the spaces where they stay.

With a cultural event connecting tourism and literature, travelers and novelists, Sofitel conveys the diverse culture of many countries around the world.

Literary Cafés

Along with the event, more than fifty Literary Cafés were set up in 2008, attracting more than sixty authors, among them many famous figures in the contemporary literary world.

Literary Prices

Two other awards are in the literary award system: the Prix Littéraire Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche, an award honoring the cultural diversity of Casablanca, and the Prix de l’Escale Littéraire Sofitel d’Alger, established in 2013.

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