Vu Ngoc Dang – Turning the impossible into possible 0Vu Ngoc Dang – Turning the impossible into possible 0

More than a year ago, Vu Ngoc Dang announced that he wanted to renew himself with a shocking, violent film, different from his gentle, beautiful love films so far.

So when the script for Hotboy Rebellion… was thrust into my hands for the second time, I was honestly not interested, even though I knew it had been heavily edited.

Strictly speaking, the script Hotboy rebels… the second time is not a masterpiece, but it has something that I have never seen in all Vietnamese film scripts so far.

What is worth mentioning is that the innocence of the rebellious Hotboy… is built in a context that can be said to be `sleazy`: the life at the bottom of society of male and female prostitutes, homosexuals, pimps, and cheaters.

Vu Ngoc Dang – Turning the impossible into possible

The main bloody and scary scenes in the first script were cut.

Recently, almost every Vietnamese movie has advertising: hot scenes, gay scenes, as if that’s the only way to attract customers.

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