5 slim outfit combinations of stars 35 slim outfit combinations of stars 3

The most special part of these outfit tipsĀ is that the outfits can flatter your body shape and are suitable for everyone.

1. Ao dai

According to Leandra Medine, `When you wear a long-sleeved shirt, you will see yourself becoming very slim. It also hides many flaws that you may have wanted to hide, and moreover, with such a style of clothing, you will actually

The simple and effective way that star Kylie Jenner uses is to combine a long shirt with skinny jeans and high heels

5 slim outfit combinations of stars

The youngest sister, Kendall Jenner, chose to coordinate her outfit with youthful and liberal shorts

5 slim outfit combinations of stars

With Kim Kardashian, she combines a dress with a long jacket, but you need to pay attention to the length of the skirt and jacket.

2. Flared skirt

If you are proud of your butt or thighs, skirts with flared or flared bottoms will not disappoint you.

5 slim outfit combinations of stars

Actress Kate Bosworth cleverly combines a flared skirt with a crop top

5 slim outfit combinations of stars

Fashionista Olivia Palermo combines a skirt with a leopard print shirt

5 slim outfit combinations of stars

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow wore an elegant `white dress`.

3. Use a belt

Accentuating your waist with a belt is a trick to make your body look slimmer, this rule is suitable for all body types.

Actress Eva Mendes combines a large belt with a flared skirt, creating an emphasis on the waist

Leelee Sobieski is elegant when combining a metallic belt to make her outfit stand out more

4. Monochrome

Monochrome wardrobe is a specialized word for sets of clothes, or ways of wearing `one color` clothes.

Actress ChristinaHendricks chose a black vest with black pants, and used a belt to contour her body.

This is also the choice of clothes of supermodel Thanh Hang with a discreet fashion style, highly practical, exuding modern beauty and personality.

Ho Ngoc Ha chose a feminine white tone for her outfit

5. V-neck shirt

While we often like shirts with high collars, for those who want to look slimmer, they can never ignore V-neck shirts. They not only make your neck area slim but also

Selena Gomez shows off her personality with a V-neck t-shirt and fabric pants.

Actress Dakota Fanning is both gentle, feminine and extremely seductive with her sheer fabric dress and elegant V-neck.

You can wear a V-neck shirt with youthful jeans

With a deep neckline design, it gives her a feminine, graceful and a bit sexy beauty

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