4 outstanding trends of world street fashion 04 outstanding trends of world street fashion 0

1. Denim trend

Elegant colors, absolutely comfortable materials, Denim deserves to occupy the top position in women’s summer wardrobe.

British women’s fashion style

“I think British women are very influenced by music, culture and celebrities.

2. Pattern trends

Do you want to break new ground and always stand out in the crowd?

Korean women love shorts

“Everyone knows about Gangnam style.

3. Leather material trend

A few leather accents on the outfit show the wearer’s strong and free style.

An indispensable item in the wardrobe of Japanese women

“Japanese women often invest more in outfits and accessories, but currently, they love well-tailored jackets and skinny pants for everyday wear.

4. Color trends

Warm colors like tropical flowers bring vitality and enthusiasm on sunny summer days.

Italian women and fashion

“Italian women have a very natural relationship with fashion.

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