Clothing makes the first impression 0Clothing makes the first impression 0

My adoptive brother, American photographer Peter Steinhauer, sometimes still recounts his immortal date when he first arrived in Hanoi, with a famous singer at that time.


I admit, that was back in 1994, 16 years ago, when no one knew what ELLE magazine was, and the only vocabulary to talk about Vietnamese fashion was mode.

A few months ago, I went to my best friend’s wedding in Margaret River, a famous wine region on the west coast of Australia.

Reason: this is an outdoor wedding, the dress I wore, floor-length, bust-hugging top with braided straps, is typical of the wedding dress brides often choose when holding an outdoor wedding.

There will be times when you have to pay a little more attention to your clothes than usual, for example when meeting someone for the first time, going to an interview, meeting a partner for the first time, or on a first date.

If I go for an interview or meet partners or customers, I often `borrow` casual clothes from Milanese girls.

As a reader of Phai Dep – ELLE, you are probably very familiar with fashion, so this article would be redundant if I reminded you that you should not wear high heels when going mountain climbing, or when going to an interview, you should not wear them.


For special events, invitations today are often printed below the small text: dress code or attire.

Etiquette requires that the invitee strictly adhere to the dress code of an event, regardless of whether the event is large or small, formal or intimate.

When attending an event, you are a small link in a long chain that ensures connection for the success of the event.

A press conference at a golf course will require different attire than a press conference at a hotel.

Don’t dress to stand out.

Of course, to be a graceful woman, in addition to clothes, you also need beautiful thoughts and beautiful gestures.

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