8 typical Asian skin care secrets 28 typical Asian skin care secrets 2

1. Make friends with oil.

While oil-free cosmetics are very popular in Europe and America, oil is an important ingredient in women’s beauty routines and daily skin care secrets.

Oil is a popular beauty ingredient in many Asian countries, especially for makeup removal and cleansing purposes.

2. Skin also needs to be `brushed`

It’s not just the hair that needs to be brushed, but the skin when brushed with a smooth brush will become firmer.

8 typical Asian skin care secrets

Clarisonic facial cleanser

3. Pat gently and evenly

Using lotion regularly is of course a very important skin care secret, but the way the cream is applied and the movements of the hands when applying the cream are equally important.

4. SPF is paramount

Perhaps there is no need to say more about the importance of using sunscreen to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin.

8 typical Asian skin care secrets

Apply sunscreen

5. Moisturize throughout the day

Applying moisturizer twice a day, morning and night, may be enough to keep your skin from becoming dehydrated.

6. Polish skin with rice residue

One of the ancient beauty secrets of Japanese geishas is to use rice powder to brighten and brighten the skin’s surface.

8 typical Asian skin care secrets

Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder is inspired by rice powder

7. What’s good for your health is also good for your skin

To protect our health, we need to find natural, clean and nutritious food sources.

8. Take advantage and enjoy facial massage services

Even though Korean girls perform elaborate skin care steps every day, they still spend a lot of money to go to the spa and enjoy facial massage services.

8 typical Asian skin care secrets

Another way to `pamper` your skin is with facial massage.

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