Favorite quotes about vulnerability 2Favorite quotes about vulnerability 2

This collection of favorite quotes about vulnerability is a tribute to ELLE’s girls: Cherish the pain in your soul just like you cherish yourself and this life, because it is an indispensable part.


Cherish the pain in your soul

1. “Of course I will hurt you.

2. “Is it better to have something good and lose it than never have it?”

3. “If you spend a lot of your time hoping that someone will suffer for what has been done to your heart, you are in your mind giving them permission to hurt you.

4. `Because it hurts so much, I know that I still own my own heart.`


Favorite quotes about vulnerability

Don’t let yourself be hurt by other people’s words

5. “I can only be hurt by people I respect.”

6. “True warriors can endure their pain silently.”

7. “The truth is that I, and no one else, is my greatest asset.

8. `When someone stabs you, it’s not your fault that you have to suffer.`

9. “There are things I’ve wanted to tell you.


Favorite quotes about vulnerability

Everyone in their life gets hurt at least once

10. “People who love themselves don’t hurt others.

11. “Pain is just a bruise on the outside, its harm is the bruise deep inside.”

12. “If you never love, you never get hurt

If you never get hurt, you never live

Love life and embrace the pain that comes with it.”

(Sophia Nam)

13. “A good way to keep no one from hurting you is to let no one care.

14. “Love is always where the most hurt emerges.”

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