Feminine imprint of cinema 2023 2Feminine imprint of cinema 2023 2


First is the movie Anatomy of Fall by female director Justin Triet.

Anatomy of a Fall movie poster.

A month later, the Barbenheimer effect with the simultaneous release of Barbie and Oppenheimer also saved the relatively quiet summer peak season due to the strike in Hollywood.

In it, a doll who is said to have `only her appearance` brings the audience to explore hidden issues about the gender aspects of real society, thereby making the character impressive and dimensional.

Also at the Venice Film Festival that took place afterward, the film Poor Things by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos won the highest award, the Golden Lion.

Feminine imprint of cinema 2023

From then until the end of the year, a series of works exploring different aspects of women’s femininity were also released one after another.

With the Academy’s major awards, up to 3 works nominated for Best Picture belong to female directors, including Barbie, Past Lives and Anatomy of Fall.

Feminine imprint of cinema 2023

Cultural world

Bloody Glory: The 3-year cherished movie of gem girl Ji Yeon (T-Ara)


In outstanding films of 2023 cinema, female characters not only express a variety of gender aspects but are also associated with prominent waves of feminism.

Feminine imprint of cinema 2023

Lily Gladstone’s Mollie Burkhart in Blood Moon is a representation of women’s early ownership of property.

The second wave can be detected in works such as Maestro or The Color Purple, when women have to fight to gain equal rights in aspects related to race, gender, class… For example,

Feminine imprint of cinema 2023

Women of color, through companionship and support, stood up against patriarchy and a brutal class- and gender-discriminatory society more than 50 years ago in The Color Purple.

Feminine imprint of cinema 2023

The third wave concerns respect for individual identity and diversity in society, found in works such as NYAD or Anatomy of Fall.

Feminine imprint of cinema 2023

This is also seen in the satirical work, mocking bourgeois society Poor Things.

Feminine imprint of cinema 2023

Thanks to scientific and technological advances through transplantation, Bella Baxter has lived in an adult identity even though the brain is that of a baby.

With Barbie alone, Greta Gerwig takes us to another land of the 4th wave of feminism, where even if Barbie or Ken stand up to dominate the fantasy world, the end result will not be bright.

Feminine imprint of cinema 2023

It can be said that 2023 is a successful year in exploiting and expressing feminine beauty in world cinema.

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