The scent challenges gender 0The scent challenges gender 0

When I was 20 years old – I, romantic and careless, started growing my hair long and stealing my dad’s tiny bottle of Armani instead of my mom’s.

Warm like leather

After nearly 100 years, hundreds of marketing campaigns of thousands of different perfumes, people have become accustomed to distinguishing between men’s perfume and women’s perfume.

After all, after 100 years of rules and opinions, not every girl takes men’s perfume for granted.

To be different, to refresh yourself, or simply to try it out, changing tones using men’s perfume is easy but can change an entire image.

If she wants a classy yet wildly romantic look, wear a tweed jacket, let your hair down, wear Oxford shoes, and try Creed’s Silver Mountain Water.

Masculine but sweet

Because men’s perfume is heavy on bold notes, the scent is often darker, sharper and has a longer lasting scent than women’s perfume.

Common floral scents and black pine.

My girls, have you never used men’s perfume?

The scent challenges gender

1. Silver Mountain Water, CREED 2. Heritage, GUERLAIN.

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