Go to the beauty kitchen & Make skin care products 0Go to the beauty kitchen & Make skin care products 0

People often say that associating the image of women with the kitchen is a lack of awareness about gender equality, that if women can be in the kitchen, men can be in the kitchen too.

My grandmother and mother, although they are women of society, go to the office with their hair tied in ao dai during the day, but when they come home at night they still stick to the kitchen;

I live in London, remove makeup with Bioderma, moisturize at night with Estée Lauder, exfoliate with Dermalogica, and if I don’t bathe with natural soap, I also use The Body Shop, but I still remember the afternoons when I washed my hair with grapefruit peel.

Today’s majestic beauty industry originated from the kitchens of Latin girls using olive oil to nourish their shiny brown skin, from the gorgeous and haughty Cleopatra bathing with fresh milk and honey, from the

Go to the beauty kitchen & Make skin care products

Go to the beauty kitchen: create skin care products

The more convenient and modern, the more we tend to return to the basics.

Cleans skin

Rice bran and oatmeal are suitable ingredients to exfoliate the skin thanks to its tan, but at the same time, there are saponins that clean the skin, leaving a layer of sugar to help the skin retain moisture and not feel tight, especially suitable for dry skin.

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Nourish your skin and hair with oil

Go to the beauty kitchen & Make skin care products

Olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil are all very good for skin and hair care.

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Provides additional nutrients and vitamins

Go to the beauty kitchen & Make skin care products

Fruits in general are an infinite source of vitamins and nutrients for all skin types.

Just talking around the kitchen is boring;

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Recipes for homemade cosmetics

These `cosmetics` are available in every kitchen

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