Mr. Trump continuously vented his anger on Republicans 0Mr. Trump continuously vented his anger on Republicans 0

(Dan Tri) – President Donald Trump vented his anger at Republican leaders for voting to veto the defense bill and not supporting the White House owner’s accusations of election fraud.

President Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters)

President Donald Trump on December 29 posted a series of comments on Twitter to criticize Republicans, while he was vacationing in Palm Beach, Florida.

Mr. Trump said that Republican leaders were `weak` when they voted to veto the $740 billion National Defense Authorization Bill (NDAA) for 2021.

`Negotiate a better bill, or replace better leaders, now! The Senate should not approve the NDAA until it is completed,` Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter.

The vote to override President Trump’s veto on the 2021 National Defense Authorization bill took place in the US House of Representatives on December 28 with a result of 322 votes in favor, including 109 votes from Republican lawmakers.

If passed in the Senate, this will be the first time President Trump’s veto has been invalidated.

The NDAA was overwhelmingly passed by both houses of Congress in early December, but on December 23, President Trump decided to veto this bill.

Mr. Trump accused the NDAA bill of being a `gift` to Russia and China, and demanded that section 230 of the bill be removed because he said this section protects social networking companies like Twitter and Facebook from legal liability.

In addition to the defense bill, President Trump on December 29 also criticized Republican leaders for not supporting his allegations related to the results of the election in November. The President said that his victory was

`We need new and energetic Republican leaders,` Mr. Trump declared.

`Just imagine if the Republicans stole the presidential election from the Democrats. Republican leaders just want the path of least resistance,` Mr. Trump added.

`Our leaders (not including me, of course) are pathetic. They only know how to lose!`, the President criticized.

President Trump has repeatedly criticized Republicans for not supporting his efforts to overturn the election results, after Democratic candidate Joe Biden declared victory and became president-elect.

Mr. Trump criticized Republican governors in Georgia and Arizona, after these states confirmed Mr. Biden’s victory.

After the votes of state electors on December 14, more and more Republican lawmakers, including those holding leadership roles in the Senate and influential people in the party, recognized Mr. Joe Biden.

President Trump’s latest comments have shown the growing divide between him and the Republican party on many `fronts`.

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