The United Nations held an emergency meeting, Russia spoke out about the situation in Myanmar 0The United Nations held an emergency meeting, Russia spoke out about the situation in Myanmar 0

(Dan Tri) – The United Nations Security Council is expected to hold a closed meeting on March 31 to discuss the situation in Myanmar after many countries, including Russia, expressed concern about escalating violence in the country.

Violence is escalating in Myanmar after the coup on February 1 (Photo: Reuters).

Channel News Asia quoted diplomatic sources as saying that representatives of 15 member countries of the United Nations Security Council will meet in closed session on March 31 after Britain called for an urgent meeting on the situation.

At the meeting, UN special envoy for Myanmar Christine Schraner Burgener is expected to give a preliminary report on the escalating violence situation in this Southeast Asian country.

On March 10, the Security Council issued a statement for the first time strongly condemning Myanmar security forces for `using force against peaceful protesters`.

Previously, on February 4, the Security Council continued to express deep concern about the situation in Myanmar, calling on the military government to release democrats, including State Counselor Aung San.

The emergency meeting of the Security Council tomorrow takes place in the context of the crisis in Myanmar becoming more and more serious.

The international community continues to condemn the escalating violence in Myanmar.

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai yesterday also announced the immediate suspension of all trade transactions with Myanmar under the 2013 Trade and Investment Framework Agreement until the civilian government returns to power.

Meanwhile, Myanmar’s military accused protesters of causing unrest with the support of outside forces.

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