Thanh Huong Flora – Finding happiness in your own flower garden 0Thanh Huong Flora – Finding happiness in your own flower garden 0

From memories of France, of gentle women in the countryside sewing blankets made of hundreds of beautiful floral fabrics… Thanh Huong nurtured her dream into reality, Flora Boutique –

It is known that Huong is currently a lecturer at Hanoi University of Architecture and Flora is also quite `famous`.

I am currently a Graphic Design lecturer at the University of Architecture, it is a profession but it brings a career – with Flora.

And under what circumstances was Flora born?

As a girl, having a small store has been my dream for a long time.

How did the field of study help Huong when `starting` her business with Flora?

I studied Multimedia Communications, so I also have a relative sense of art, which helps me a lot in mixing colors and shaping products.

Thanh Huong Flora – Finding happiness in your own flower garden

I have been tinkering with sewing since I was young and also make handmade items and teach how to sew bags and wallets for disabled children.

Many of Flora Boutique’s products have vintage patterns, do you have a special love for these patterns?

That’s right!

Which of your products is your favorite?

Up to now, floral quilts are still a favorite item among young people and are the spirit of Flora.

Do you intend to develop further with Flora?

People often ask me why I don’t open more Flora, or rent a larger space, or advise me to produce more for export… but I personally like to maintain a small space like this, everyone

Thank you very much Thanh Huong.

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