The desire to find happiness 0The desire to find happiness 0

Behind the rose, there are always tears and thorns.

Many times, at one time or another, here or there, I always have to listen to the complaints of women, that they never feel truly happy with the man they love.

And men, why do they often like to hang out and hang out with friends rather than being with their lover or wife?

One funny thing is that in most conversations between women, after a while of talking back and forth, their stories always return to the topic `love – marriage – happiness – family`.

But sometimes, the notions of beauty, ideality, perfection… of women are very one-sided and mythical.

Unfortunately, life is not what is shown in movies.

For men, the universe not only revolves around the woman he loves or marries, but life is also countless relationships with friends, colleagues, parents, and relatives.

So women, with their selfish nature and strong desire to possess, will scream that they are desolate and miserable;

So what is the happiness that women are so desperate to find?

I like the way a close friend, a writer, said that truly happy women are those who understand the value of two independent words.

I also like the quote about happiness from Russian writer Ivan Turnegev: “Happiness does not come from yesterday, nor will it come tomorrow.

A woman can only truly feel happy moments when she knows how to control her emotions.

Finally, because life is never perfect, know how to accept even men’s flaws.

Dong Phuong BB

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