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1. Honestly, I couldn’t understand why every morning women spend dozens of minutes in front of the wardrobe and the mirror, trying to decide, trying on, wearing, then changing, then wearing, then changing…

Of course.


I have had a period of time (long enough to call it knowing) doing the job that women have always done, which is going to the market and cooking rice.

I started thinking about what women do every morning: stand in front of the mirror.

Women, they have a billion reasons to stand in front of the mirror for an hour every day.

I think there’s only one reason.

2. A long time ago, when debates about feminism arose on social networking forums and newspapers, while chatting with a female writer, I asked her what she thought about feminism.

She told me the general idea that, as long as women do this and that because the man wants it, there can be no feminism.

3. In front of me right now, are the 12 issues of ELLEWomen published in Vietnam that I kept and… an ending to an article that the editorial board entrusted me with as an observer of the journey.

Flip through the pages of the newspaper.

As for part 3, what else is it…

Closing the book ELLE, like an aftertaste, I `read` that hidden in the pages of the newspaper is a mirror, but not for readers to see themselves now, but to see what they will be like tomorrow.

Article: Cuong HT

Women – ELLE

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