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Happiness is a variable, so each person will have their own solution to the problem of finding happiness in their life.

1. Don’t compare

Any comparison will negatively affect your emotions.

After comparison, you will see that actually everything has value, and your job is simply to enjoy those values in happiness.

Where does your happiness lie?

2. Maintain intimate relationships

The things that make us happy may be different, but we are definitely the same in one point, that is, we cannot be happy without our soulmate.

Therefore, having a soul mate, with your own treasure of spiritual strength, isn’t that already happiness?

8 steps to happiness

Maintain a close relationship

3. Find the right job

True work is the kind of work from which we feel happiness.

Work is not only a means to make money, but it can also bring you much greater and more magical happiness than you think, whether you have met it or not.

8 steps to happiness

Find the right job

4. Join a group

People tend to like people who are similar to themselves, and feel more open to those who have a lot in common.

Find out what interests you the most, then join a group of people who have the same interests as you, and are happy to somehow join them.

8 steps to happiness

Join group

5. Say goodbye to the past

The past has many beautiful things but also many sad things, memorable and forgettable, and no matter what, the past has passed away and we can never live with it again.

Saying goodbye to a familiar shirt is in the past, it’s certainly not easy, but if you don’t wear the right shirt now, you will forever be just a borrower of past joys without ever knowing how to wear them.

8 steps to happiness

Say goodbye to the past

6. Know enough

There is a proverb that says, too good means too bad, anything that is too good has something bad hidden inside.

Happiness is not a cake for us to sit around and enjoy, it comes through a long process of exploration and practice.

8 steps to happiness

Know enough

7. Good direction

No matter who you are and in any situation, people still have the instinct to love the good.

As long as you feel satisfied with yourself, happiness will automatically come.

Good direction

8. Listen to yourself

No one is as close to you as yourself, so don’t abandon your ego for any reason.

Always stay close to yourself, because if you are someone, and the person inside you is someone else, then where will happiness reside?

Listen to yourself

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