Branded sales websites you should know 4Branded sales websites you should know 4

Items from luxury brands are discounted up to 80% for a limited time, usually 1 to 2 days.

1. The Outnet (

Officially launched in April 2009, The Ounet is the most reputable discount high-end fashion sales website established by Net-a-porter Group LTD (the company that established the online luxury sales site net-a-porter).

The Outnet cooperates with more than 250 top brands such as Marni, Balmain, Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin, Nina Ricci, Jil Sander, Stella McCartney… and has discounts up to 70%.

2. The Secret Sales (

The Secret Sales offers discounted products from fashion, beauty and home goods for both men and women.

Branded sales websites you should know
Branded sales websites you should know

3. Cocosa (

Cocosa ( is a website operated by Cocosa Lifestyle Limited.

If you invite another person to register as a member, you will receive £10 (about 350,000 VND) when that person makes their first payment.

Branded sales websites you should know

4. Achica (

Achica has the same founder as the popular shopping website

Branded sales websites you should know

5. Net-a-Porter (

Built in 2000, Net-a-Porter is an online website specializing in selling luxury fashion items from famous brands such as Alexander McQueen, YSL and Poenza Schouler.

Net-a-Porter’s appeal is not in price but in the convenience of having items delivered to your door before they go out of stock.

Branded sales websites you should know

6. Ssense (

A website specializing in selling high-end items from many famous fashion houses such as Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Marc Jacob, serving two groups of customers who prefer dynamism and classicism.

Even though it is a Canadian retail site, Ssense’s shipping service is always considered to be impeccably fast.

7. Portero (

Portero can be said to be a leading online retailer specializing in high-end accessories such as watches and vintage handbags.

8. Shopbop  (

With the affordable customer segment for young people, Shopbop is the leading online shopping address for fashion products and designer accessories.

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Shopbop is chosen by many people because of its excellent customer service, extremely fast shipping and online discounts of up to 70%.

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