Food is not sinful 0Food is not sinful 0

“I have helped many women escape anxiety about food-related issues through my writings, therapy sessions, and talks,” the author of the book confides.

Weight is not only affected by food

We often think that eating too much causes obesity and always aggravates weight problems.

More and more women complain that they are so busy that they don’t have time to eat.

When does weight become a real problem?

Many women report that they have been determined to lose weight for years.

Weight only becomes a “problem” if it affects health.

Your body deserves to be cherished

When people deliberately devour foods without feeling hungry, they are clearly using food like a drug.

All of us have wishes, desires, and dreams that are not easy to put into words.

Only eat when you feel hungry

Nutritionists always advise: Just eat what you want!

When we give up dieting, we are like people who have just gotten out of prison and are free.

In case you’re not hungry yet but want to touch the dishes?

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