When my wife wants to do art 1When my wife wants to do art 1

Don’t wonder why you should become an artist.

Where art meets fashion

We must thank whoever invented the noble phrase `contemporary art` and the more luxurious [but more difficult to understand] phrase `experimental art`.

Even though I don’t know how to draw or sculpt, I can still be an artist and many people will probably know me.

When my wife wants to do art

When art meets fashion

You should have a bald head or a hairstyle that no one dares to look at for more than 5 seconds.

Next is to create the work, which is not too difficult.

When my wife wants to do art

When my wife wants to do art

I suggested that you could be naked among the piles of unwashed dishes and dirty unwashed clothes in your house to send a message about the fake freedom of modern women.

PS: In case you give up your dream of becoming an artist, only use your camera to take photos and videos of our children, stop gossiping about contemporary art and don’t neglect dirty dishes and clothes…

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