Growing a beard must also be artistic 4Growing a beard must also be artistic 4

Many years ago, having a beard was very simple.

To have a beautiful and elegant beard, don’t let it grow too dense and spread beyond the jawbone, which is a safe boundary for gentlemen.

It is an ideal beard that helps you express your masculinity while still maintaining the elegance necessary for daily communication and work relationships.

On average, a man shaves 20,000 times in his life.


Ideally, you should shave after showering.

Make foam

Apply a little moisturizer to your skin, this will help the razor glide smoothly and not scratch your skin.


With the above preparation steps, you only need to use a razor with two blades.

Cleans and nourishes skin

Rinse your face with cold water to clean the shaving foam and shrink pores.

Suggested products:

The scent emanating from a man is one of the most attractive things to women.

Growing a beard must also be artistic

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