Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself 0Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself 0

Victoria Beckham at the present time can be considered the ideal model for every woman, with a handsome and famous husband, angelic children and a recognized and constantly growing career.

Win over yourself

Transforming from a singer on the runway to a businessman in the marketplace, Victoria Beckham has almost completely changed over the past decade.

She identifies herself in the 90s as the type of person who likes to do everything, but at the present time, Victoria confidently asserts: `I don’t need to please anyone, I just need to show professionalism and propriety.`

Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself

In Victoria’s view, success does not lie somewhere too far away, nor is it something that is achieved after struggling with opponents, but it is something each person realizes for themselves when facing and challenging themselves.

“I’m not afraid of failure, and success isn’t too stressful, because I know I can learn a lot from those things.

“Currently we have five industry groups: Victoria Bekham, VVB (Victoria by Victoria Beckham), denim, eye products, and handbags.

What Victoria gained from that path was not only income and reputation, but also many awards such as Best Emerging Luxury Brand (at the Walpole Awards) or Designer Brand of the Year (at the British Fashion Awards).

Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself

Always love your family more

Being successful, brave and having a significant position in society is not easy. For a married woman with 4 children like Victoria, it is even a huge challenge.

“Between family and work, of course I prioritize my children and David.

Women are like that, no matter how strong and realistic they are in their career, what they care about and want to love the most is still family, Victoria Bekham is no exception.

Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself

Talking about how to raise their children, Victoria said the most important lesson she and her husband want to teach their children is to always have a serious work attitude, and behave the way you want others to treat you.

The eldest child, Brooklyn, according to Victoria, has an innate artistic tendency, even though all three brothers love sports, so when a fashion project comes, it is a chance, an experience.

Victoria has found success from the path of challenging herself, and on that journey, she continues to lead her children step by step, step by step to explore and learn.

Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself

Victoria Beckham was once famous for her image as the Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself

Beck and Vic couple appeared prominently at the wedding of British Prince William

Interesting information about Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham stopped reading newspapers a long time ago, so she almost doesn’t know, and doesn’t care what people often write about her.

– In the profession, Victoria’s close friend is Marc Jacobs, the person she admires is Karl Lagerfeld.

– What makes Victoria Beckham think the most is the health of her children and husband.

– Few people know that Victoria has a sense of humor and she laughs a lot every day.

– Victoria doesn’t check social media every morning when she wakes up because she doesn’t have enough time.

– On Instagram, she follows Hillary Clinton and a few friends.

– Her future wish is to open a Victoria Beckham boutique in Singapore.

Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself

Victoria once appeared in Marc Jacobs’s advertising campaign

Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself

Victoria receives the Bambi Awards from Karl Lagerfeld

Victoria Beckham: My opponent is myself

Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss at the British Fashion Awards

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