How to wear purple clothes according to 2018 fashion trends? 0How to wear purple clothes according to 2018 fashion trends? 0

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Spring – Summer 2018 fashion trends: When fashion becomes `delicious` and sweet

Purple in traditional Chinese culture symbolizes luck and prosperity, so purple tones are always recommended by forecasters and feng shui masters to carry with them.

Below are a few illustrative examples of fashion houses’ designs on the runway, using the Ultra Violet color scheme but with distinct shades and materials.

How to wear purple clothes according to 2018 fashion trends?

A striking purple puff-sleeved blouse design, made of jacquard material from the brand ZADIG & VOLTAIRE.

How to wear purple clothes according to 2018 fashion trends?

A jacket design with a raincoat style made of taffeta silk, with large ruffle decorative details on both sleeves of the Stella McCartney brand.

How to wear purple clothes according to 2018 fashion trends?

A loose, loose dress design made from satin silk material of the Rochas brand.

How to wear purple clothes according to 2018 fashion trends?

A `monk dress` design made of silk twill material of the Valentino brand.

How to wear purple clothes according to 2018 fashion trends?

A bold innovative kimono design in satin silk and printed pattern on the surface of the Peter Pilotto brand.

A strong sleeveless dress design in leather fabric from the KENZO brand.

Powersuit of the 80s, worn with a bodysuit and tights in different shades of purple and materials.

A design inspired by 70s fashion, the flared sleeve shirt and flared pants are made from eye-catching sequins.

A feminine puff-sleeve dress design with polka dot motifs from the Carolina Herrera brand.



For white people, this difficult purple color is not too big of a challenge.

Purple is a difficult color to wear, the darker the shade, the stronger the intensity, the more difficult it is to coordinate outfits.

A pastel purple sequins dress like this will be easier to feel than the purple shade of Ultra Violet.

(Photo: Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion)

Using clothes with patterns on the surface is also another way to visually balance the viewer.

A pastel purple puffer jacket paired with a pencil skirt and high boots seems to be an outfit combination worth learning.

Using striking purple accessories, accompanied by a set of dark clothes is also another way to apply this color tone.

Teal blue and Ultra Violet are a very compatible pair.

A sweater with this striking purple tone is best paired with a minimalist outfit like black, for example.

A beautiful set of clothes with a striped dress, gentle purple tones, combined with a mini handbag in a striking ultra violet color.

Basic white t-shirt, combined with a striking two-layer pleated peplum skirt, accompanying accessories are high heels of the same tone and statement handbag.

Purple life jackets seem to be a very popular item in winter weather, both warm and trendy.

A trendy fur coat with Ultra Violet color tone, making the owner extremely stand out. (Photo: @unreal_fur)

Pink and purple have the same nature as warm tones, when combined together like this they will become extremely eye-catching.

An oversized sweater design with matching pants, in purple tones combined with sneakers and a printed scarf that is both outstanding and cute.

Add an accessory of purple gloves to not miss the 2018 color trend.

(Photo: Getty)

Purple stands out but mixed with patterns is also another way to harmonize this color tone (Photo: Courtesy of Gucci)

Supermodel Karlie Kloss stood out in a purple high-waisted patent leather dress.

Model Suki Waterhouse in a long coat with extremely trendy fur sleeves.

Actress Park Shin-hye in a stylish quilted black/purple leather jacket design, paired with a long patterned maxi skirt.

The simplest way to stand out and be sophisticated is to combine a wide-shouldered trench coat in ivory white tones, combined with a pair of purple high-top boots as shown in the picture.

In fact, if you don’t feel shy when you become the center of attention, the most outstanding combo you can combine with purple is with yellow.

Purple bodysuit and outstanding yellow fur skirt.

A velvet jacket in a mustard yellow tone is a reasonable choice to pair with a pair of bright purple patent leather pants as above.

An impressive design from the Spring 2009 Haute Couture Collection of fashion house Giorgio Armani.

In fact, it has been proven that sequins and velvet are the duo that help create a trendy and modern beauty.

The purple-toned pencil skirt has a striking bright shade, combined with mustard yellow rain boots as an accessory.

Gucci is one of the pioneer fashion houses promoting the main color tones of 2018. This is a model in the brand’s latest Spring Collection.

Hopefully through this article from ELLE Vietnam, you have found inspiration and motivation to confidently wear this year’s main purple color.

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