I am an artist Art Doll 0I am an artist Art Doll 0

Children like dolls because they are pretty and cute.

Artdoll (art doll) is a very popular art form in the world, but has only recently been introduced to Vietnam and is not easily turned into a trend, because of the specifics of its work: it is a combination of art.

Unlike regular dolls, through art dolls, artists are free to be creative and express their ego.

Even when I was little, my mother used to jokingly call me junk. I don’t even know why I had this hobby of collecting.

I am an artist Art Doll

Art Doll artist – Tran Thu Hang

These concerns always burn me, forcing me to think, to express, to express endlessly on wooden blocks, like a doping user, and that doping is called `passion`.

Composing on wooden blocks is a part of my life.

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