Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022 4Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022 4

At the beginning of each new year, magazines, blogs and electronic news sites often make predictions about the wedding trends of the new year.

One of the most important activities couples need to do before holding a wedding is to choose an impressive and meaningful wedding invitation to inform relatives and friends about the big day as well as celebrate the wedding.

Below are outstanding and interesting wedding invitation trends in 2022.

Safety is the top priority

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Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many event organizers as well as couples themselves are paying close attention to precautions to ensure the health of both wedding organizers and attendees.

Classic style

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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Like a cycle, old aesthetic values have been making a strong comeback in recent years, this is reflected in the wedding invitation design style.

Today’s couples also love glamorous, luxurious Art Deco wedding invitation designs, combined with metallic frames and frames, reminiscent of the golden age of jazz tea rooms.

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Use QR codes

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With the advancement of today’s technology, QR codes were born and are popular because of their convenience and streamlined form.

QR codes provide many unexpected benefits, allowing the bride and groom to be creative with their invitations.

However, you should keep in mind that not all guests will have access to this new technology, so you should also consider an accompanying method to share information about the wedding.

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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Minimalism has been a popular trend among many couples in particular and many households in general because of the mental and financial benefits it brings.

For wedding invitations, many couples prefer minimalist designs with the purpose of conveying information clearly and easily to guests.

The design trend for minimalist greeting cards in recent years often combines a maximum of 2 simple fonts and uses neutral colors.

Digital, environmentally friendly designs

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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Popular environmentally friendly wedding invitation options today include: printing cards on recycled paper, compostable paper or using digital cards.

Color tones for 2022 wedding invitations

Although the main color in wedding ceremonies is usually white, a few other colors are also used to highlight the bride and groom’s big day.

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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Very Peri

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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This color tone is a combination of the dreamy purple-blue color of periwinkle flowers mixed with a bit of red purple, creating a happy, dynamic feeling.

Very Peri is the ideal color for many types of weddings, from traditional weddings to outdoor weddings.

The colors are inspired by nature

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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The tones in this group bring a feeling of warmth and peace, helping us connect more with nature.

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022


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Bright and cheerful

Many wedding invitations today are also designed with tropical tones, bringing a bright, positive energy to your wedding.

Orange, yellow, salmon pink and green are popular tones in this color group.

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Fonts for 2022 wedding invitations

Retro font

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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Retro and vintage style is a rising trend for many years.

Couples can create fun, quirky designs into their wedding invitations using these familiar fonts.

Font size is large and bold

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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This card design style is quite minimalist but still enough to impress guests when the text is bold and enlarged, helping the main content to be emphasized and stand out on the card.

With this design, you will need a little ingenuity in arranging the layout and choosing fonts to get the most harmonious overall look.

Handwritten font

Outstanding wedding invitation trends in 2022

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This can be called a `timeless` design because it is nostalgic, elegant but also extremely formal, which is an essential element in a wedding.

Soft, delicate handwriting will be the main factor that attracts guests, helping them pay closer attention to information such as the bride and groom’s name, time and location of the wedding…

In 2022, this design continues to be popular with many couples, especially couples who love luxurious and sophisticated style.

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