Surviving with 600k/day in Europe – Mit Dac blog 7Surviving with 600k/day in Europe – Mit Dac blog 7

Europe is an expensive place.

You can survive (and have fun) on 20 Euro/day (nearly 600k) – not including travel costs:

– 12 Euro for sleeping accommodation (dorm – dormitory bed)

– 5 Euro for food and drink (go to the market yourself)

– 3 Euro for other expenses (save for a few days to buy all kinds of tickets)

1. Everywhere in Europe is interesting, so choose a cheap place

Spain, Greece, Crezch, Italy and Eastern Europe are cheaper than Western Europe.

Madrid (Spain) is both beautiful and has many cheap hostels.

Surviving with 600k/day in Europe – Mit Dac blog

Venice (Italy) is beautiful, and hotels are extremely expensive

2. Staying in “dormitories” or “sofa surfing”

A very popular type of hotel for backpackers is the dorm (dormitory room).

Additionally, there are several ways to find free accommodation.

Surviving with 600k/day in Europe – Mit Dac blog

Common living area in a hostel in Granada (Spain).

3. Go to the market yourself

In Europe, buying the cheapest meal costs 3 Euros, and that’s usually just a meat sandwich.

Save your money for truly delicious meals out.

4. Walk

It’s both a sport and a great way to see the scenery and streets, and it’s free.

5. Find free places

Large museums often have free hours.

6. Travel between cities

If you prepare for your trip early, you can find very cheap air tickets, even for only 30 Euros.

Cheap planes always have strict regulations on luggage and other conditions, remember to pay attention, otherwise the cheap price will become expensive.

Writing from New York

* All images of the blog were taken by Mat Dat during the trip

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