Women's perspective on love! 0Women's perspective on love! 0

Women’s perspective on `love`

Women's perspective on love!

For some women, when it comes to love, a man’s secret weapon is always a topic of curiosity in intimate conversations.

For thousands of years, most animals in the world have followed the rule of choosing a `mate` based on the size of the male, based on the belief that if the father is strong and strong, the child will certainly inherit it.

Women love with their ears

To answer the `size` issue, scientists and leading experts in the `delicate` field around the world have conducted many measurements, but the results always cause confusion.

Women love with their ears

In terms of psychology and physiology, the shape of a man’s weapon is not always in a central position.

Are men really that simple?

Reality shows that not all men are easy-going and not all women are complicated, but most women often let their emotions overcome… their size.

A man’s little friend is like a woman’s bust.

Another interesting piece of information to note is that although a woman’s `little girl` is difficult to tickle, she is relatively easy-going in accepting the size of her `little guy` thanks to its elasticity.

In short, the `size` issue depends on the woman’s affectionate, compassionate heart and the man’s intelligence and playfulness.

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