The secret to repel aging in 8 weeks 21The secret to repel aging in 8 weeks 21

If you want to know if your skin is aging, the test below will help you do that:

1. You are aged 35 or older

2. You work regularly next to a computer screen

3. Stress has often visited you recently

4. You go out in the sun a lot without using support products

5. You like sweet food

6. Diet lacking green vegetables and vitamin E.

Answer: If you said `yes` to 4 of the 6 problems above, your skin may be facing the phenomenon of aging.

The work of preventing aging from coming to you prematurely is not too difficult.

Aging day by day

According to the latest research, dermatologists realize that aging is not only measured in years but also in days.

However, from the moment you step out on the street, your skin is exposed to natural influences such as sunlight, dust, stress from work… Immediately there will be changes, wrinkles appear.

What’s worth mentioning is that even though these things happen every day, because you’re too busy or because it has become a habit, you don’t realize it.

Fortunately, dermatologists have invented anti-aging and sunscreen products, through which aging can be prevented within a day.

Push back aging

If the cause of aging is due to genetic or environmental factors that cannot be changed, you should suppress this by changing your lifestyle and skin care habits.

From the age of 35 onwards, the epidermis loses water very quickly.

To learn more about anti-aging, skin treatments and the opportunity to experience age-free skin, you can sign up for the 8-week anti-aging program with Women’s Health and Vichy.

The program is for women aged 35-45, living in Ho Chi Minh City, interested in skin and loving beauty, taking place from April 4, 2015 to May 30, 2015.

To participate, please visit the link:

Note: The organizing committee only accepts registration until March 23, 2015.

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