7 steps to apply perfect blush 27 steps to apply perfect blush 2

Step 1. Choose color: must be natural

The purpose of applying blush is to help your face become rosy and bright in the most natural way.

1. Rose color – 2. Earth pink color – 3. Peach pink color

Step 2. Choose powder: suitable for skin type

– Dry skin: Cream blush, because it has a moisturizer-like texture, it will absorb easily and look natural on dry skin.

– Normal and combination skin: Powdered blush will stay on your skin longer than other types.

Oily skin: Special gel blush that lasts long on oily skin or matte blush.

– Pale, gray skin: Blush containing emulsion will help brighten skin tone.

Step 3. Choose a brush: suitable for the powder

– Powder powder: It is best to use a fan-shaped brush, the powder will be spread evenly and lightly on your skin.

– Cream and gel blush: Your finger is the best tool, helping to adjust the appropriate amount and position, and easily spread them thinly on the skin.

7 steps to apply perfect blush

Fan-shaped brush – Round head blush brush

Step 4. Make sure the lining is smooth

Pink blush can be bright red and smudged if applied to rough skin.

If your skin is allergic or red, use foundation to hide the redness and then apply blush, you should use pink-brown blush.

Step 5. Don’t forget powder

Even if your skin is not greasy, a layer of transparent powder before applying blush will help the powder apply evenly and last longer.

Tips to keep blush lasting with powder: First apply a little cream blush, wait for it to absorb into the skin, then brush a little colorless powder on it, and finally apply powder blush on it.

Step 6. Choose a place to apply powder

For the most natural look, start applying blush from the highest point on your cheekbones, as that’s the spot that will pink first when you blush.

7 steps to apply perfect blush

Step 7. How to apply: highlight facial contours

Makeup artists can use blush to create the effect of changing the angles of your face, it’s very simple:

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