Shopping secret, buy more and pay less 0Shopping secret, buy more and pay less 0

1. Don’t miss discount shopping opportunities.

2. Two `golden times` when participating in a discount program: At the beginning – to choose the best products and at the end – to buy the lowest price.

3. Wear tight, stretchy clothes to try on on the spot in case there are too many people waiting in the fitting room.

4. Don’t waste time or hesitate over inappropriate items.

5. Glasses, high heels, handbags, and jewelry make more of an impression than clothes.

6. Figure out in advance where you will visit and what you will buy.

The secret to shopping with a happy smile on your lips

What about ELLE fashionista’s shopping experience?

1. Vu Kieu Linh – A O Show communications director

Due to work requirements, I often have to travel abroad on business.

Vu Kieu Linh

As a woman, it’s difficult to say how much shopping is enough.

2. Nguyen Tran Hoang Anh – Communications Director

I have seen many people spend money to buy T-shirts that if it weren’t for that brand, they probably wouldn’t have been interested.

Understanding the material will help you determine whether the product is worth the money or not.

Nguyen Tran Hoang Anh

I often follow promising young designers and invest in their clothes.

You should also learn about the brands and designers because you are actually spending more money on the value of those names than on the actual value of the items.

If you love designer items but have limited financial capacity, wait for discounts or target young but cool brands like MSGM, Carven (an old brand but recently revived by Guillaume Henry).

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