Manzi “3 in 1” 0Manzi “3 in 1” 0

Ms. Vu Tram, the owner of the manzi, said that this ancient house with French architecture also has a quite interesting history associated with the ups and downs of Hanoi’s history over the past half century.

Manzi “3 in 1”

To describe more accurately, manzi is a `3 in 1` space.

Manzi “3 in 1”

The very open spirit right from the way the manzi was built suggests a positive message that the owners of this space want to convey.

Manzi “3 in 1”

For me personally, Manzi is interesting because after more than a month of opening, this is also becoming a familiar address for Hanoi artists.

In fact, if you talk too much about the artistic spirit of an open art space like this, it’s bad, because the best way is to go to Manzi, No. 14 Phan Huy Ich, Hanoi, choose a seat for yourself.

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